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Stepping up…
from technical to emotional engineering. 

Julia provides our future technical leaders with models, methods and hands-on practices that help creating intelligent teams. In a 6-month cross-cultural, virtual learning experience our next generation technical leaders benefit from opportunities for immediate application at work. Furthermore, they develop deep bonds and gain diverse perspectives on leadership engaging with peers from other locations. 


Value/Tangible results our company gains from this fruitful collaboration: 
  • Improved understanding of the leadership principles and models.

  • Faster professional and personal growth of our employees.

  • More engaged employees and improved international team collaboration spirit.

  • Variety of tools which enable our employees to excel and grow in their daily work.


Voices from the participants: 

"… the topics that were discussed were interesting, beneficial and usable in our everyday life."

"I liked that we formed a group with people that are in a similar situation; it's nice to be able to exchange stories and experiences, as well as to form those contacts."

"I especially liked the very connecting and funny icebreakers and to experience different leadership methodologies by interactive collaboration."


A leadership development program we love to recommend. 

Stefan Tramm and Ljubomir Zivanovic, Netcetera

Julia is able to quickly establish credibility and buy-in with a highly technical team.
Julia served as an excellent coach for myself and 4Quant during challenging projects with very heterogeneous teams.
Her approach allowed us to reach an impressive amount of clarity from a messy convoluted starting point.  

Kevin Mader

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