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People make the link between idea initiation and value delivery; they turn vision into reality. People… are your project in motion.

I have crafted a set of offers to help project professionals close the wasteful and costly gap between project planning and delivery. No matter the conditions of the organization’s environment, no matter how complex and challenging the stakeholder map. Effectively address hurdles. Skilfully increase levels of trust. Counter threats and seize opportunities for the implementation of relevant initiatives and the realization of strategic business value. 


Project Empowerment liberates the knowledge, experience and collective wisdom that exists within a team. Materialized value requires a fundamental understanding of and deep connection with the trickiest element: our people. 

Project Coaching. Expect to know how to…  ​


  • Gain genuine buy-in from project sponsors throughout the company. 

  • Promote stakeholder cooperation and effective cross-business delivery.

  • Engage and activate project champions on all levels.

  • Establish a shared commitment to project-delivery priorities. 

  • Govern through transparency to engender confidence and trust. 

  • Drive accountability and focus on delivery. 

  • Excite those who do the work. 

  • Celebrate successes. Especially the small ones. 

  • Actively shape a winning culture. Design quick wins. 

  • Make leadership behavior something owned by each team member. 

  • Publicly acknowledge program delivery capabilities. 

  • Share experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  • Develop robust plans, plan-driven or change-driven and… allow for missteps. 

  • Experiment. Fail smart to learn fast. Design a rapid, dynamic environment. 

  • Create psychological safety. An environment where failure is shared as learning. 

  • Discuss challenges openly, and adjust the plan as needed for success.

Project Training. Customized to your needs… ​


  • PMI PMP Exam Prep Training

  • People & Communications

  • Constructive Feedback & Decision Making

  • Creative Conflict & Tough Conversations

Project Empowerment assists leaders and their teams gaining clarity in direction, purpose and vision to create shared value based on rock-solid commitment. 

For your people and your organization, all training and coaching offers will result in actions focused on critical success factors. Insights turned into workplace reality. ​

Watch impact happen.

You want to work with me? Send me an email or call me. 
ARIS Space. Julian's and Otso's key take-aways

ARIS Space. Julian's and Otso's key take-aways

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